Our Approach

We are a relationship company that focuses on overall value to our customers.  We don't play games, we just work hard every day to make your life easier by providing the best quality repairs you can find.  We include free shipping on all repairs and make it easy to instantly print your UPS labels directly off our website.  Our philosophy and vision is to help the technology staff to make your life easier.  What drives us is quality work we can take pride in that helps make YOUR life easier.

That's what sets up apart from your typical repair shop.  Try us.

Our Story

Every business has a beginning, and ours began in 2011 when we started repairing iPods at a small shop in Irvine, California.  That blossomed into what is RepairZoom today... a full service mail order repair company that works primarily with bulk repairs and school districts nationwide.  We are passionate about our work.  We love helping people.  And we saw the need to help school and organizations who needed to fix their devices.  We save you money by avoiding the contracts and insurance scams that don't help you - they only made your life more complicated and expensive.

With RepairZoom you "self insure" by paying low prices for only the repairs you need.

Our roots are in repairs -- but our DNA is customer service and value.

Meet the Team

You want to know who you're doing business with. It's a human thing.


Regan McCook

Founder & CEO

Yep, a woman.


Eric Teagan

Vice President

Nice hair.


Timothy Barrett


Loves repairs.

Try Us!

We offer an opportunity for qualified schools and school districts to "try before you buy" with a free repair.  Click here for more information: